How to Kiss A Girl Without Getting Rejected: A Comprehensive Guide


As you’ve probably figured, the emotional journey behind kissing a woman without her resisting your advances can feel like a living hell.

Matter of fact, it’s nowhere near uncommon for men to struggle with making a move on girls they’re attracted to, without having their hearts pound their way out of their chests!

At first, the interaction seems to be going just fine while joking and vibing with her…

But as things take a more intimate turn, the tension builds, and you know you have to escalate it to kissing her…

the anxiety kicks in…

and indecision takes over…

crippling you to a point where you don’t even trust your own instincts, despite them screaming, “Just pull the damn trigger!”.

The moment passes, things get awkward, and you end up losing her. Sigh.

While I personally struggled with my fear of kissing women for a long time (especially early days of learning pick-up)…

I quickly realized that a lot of my students were handicapped by the same phobia. After a bit of digging up and analyzing the recurring patterns behind this crippling fear…

I figured it all came down to 3 common obstacles:

1. The fear of making a move and getting rejected– You’re worried you’ll come off as this thirsty creep if you, get her weirded out and lose her if she’s not down to make out when you initiate the kiss.

2. Not being able to detect her signals when the girl wants you to kiss her– You struggle to find the right window of opportunity to make your move based on the hints she drops. Eg. body language, eye contact, expressions, etc.

3. Waiting for the “perfect” moment when your anxiety drops and you feel like a stud– You keep waiting and waiting till you feel this James Bond level of confidence to kiss her, because that’s when she’ll never say no (unfortunately, that moment never comes).

Well, if you diligently read and apply every word of what I’m about to share with you…

There’s absolutely no reason why you won’t be able to destroy these obstacles, take charge and kiss her in a way that she likes.


Cool, let’s do it then.

Now, before we get into the psychology or techniques of kissing a girl without getting rejected, it’s important we lay down some groundwork…

You know, some pre-kissing fundamentals to max out our odds of making things intimate.

And these fundamentals can be split into 2 key areas that need your attention before you even think of going for your first kiss with her:

1. Your grooming and hygiene

2. Prepping the mood

1. Your grooming and hygiene

While I don’t plan to harp on and on about this, I want you to make sure you’re not turning her off before initiating your make-out session.

This is where your grooming and hygiene come into play, where all it takes is a little effort into developing some healthy grooming and hygiene habits. Here’s a few examples:

a. Steer clear of dry lips by using a chapstick or lip balm (No one wants to kiss lips that feel like sandpaper :/)

b. Maintain good dental hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth every day. I’m sure don’t want her to catch your bad breath or see morsels of food stuck between your teeth. Both are big red flags and both need to be addressed before hand. If you want to be extra careful, don’t hesitate to use a mouthwash either.

c. You better be smelling good if you’re planning on getting up close and intimate. A great way to accomplish this is to wear cologne before you see her. One spritz on the neck and one spritz on the chest should be enough. – my recommendation for cologn: Chanel Bleu

d. Wear will-fitting clothes. Most men wear awkward, baggy clothing. So making sure your outfit sits perfectly on your body contours makes you look sharp and instantly sets you apart from your competition.

e. Make sure your face is clean and shaven if you’re not a facial hair person. And if you are, make sure your beard is trimmed and well-groomed. Told ya, hygiene is important!

2. Prepping the mood

If you’re into thrillers, you know that the climax of a movie is only as good as the suspense that’s created by the build-up.

If the suspense isn’t gripping enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, the climax is just “meh”.

Funny enough, the same analogy applies when you kiss a girl for the first time.

If you want your kiss to be a hot, passionate, and intense one- you better have an equally powerful suspense.

In other words, you better prep the mood in a way that it creates anticipation and build-up, leading to the kiss as its climax.

There’s 2 different ways to prep the mood:

a. Get the sparks flying by making things fliratious

You know what the best part about flirting is?

It builds tension. More specifically, sexual tension. Think about it…

When you both challenge and fire shots at each other in a way that’s light and playful…

you start to build a sense of anticipation and nervousness that makes us feel just a little giddy, alive, and vulnerable.

This giddy feeling of having butterflies in your stomach is our body’s way of responding to sexual tension…

Of saying, “hey, I’m really starting to enjoy this energy building up between us. In fact, I think it’s turning me on!”.

Women want you to tease and make them feel vulnerable because they enjoy this feeling!

It creates the right amount of tension which is key to the much-needed build-up we spoke about earlier.

So if you have no problem getting women giggling and blushing with your flirting skills, awesome! Now you know how to time them in a way that increases the odds of making that passionate kiss happen.

But if you’re someone that struggles to make things flirty, here’s where I give you access to my arsenal of highly potent flirting secrets that I’ve used to attract beautiful women over the past 8 years

Wait up, though!

While flirting with her will help turn up that heat (the good kinda heat), you’re also going to have to…

b. Vibe and connect with her on an authentic level

Women are creatures of emotion. Meaning, their decisions and actions are driven by what they “feel”.

That’s they need to feel a sense of comfort and trust before they get intimate with a man. They need to feel like they vibe with you, like you get them, and that you’re not trying to use her to satify your physical needs.

A great way to get this sense of comfort going, is to establish some rapport between you and her.

The best way to do this is to “bond” with her over things you have in common- your favorite artists, things that gross you out, morals and values that you have in common, etc.

Women also love to explore zodiac signs, which is another great way to develop a connect with them.

c. Choose (your location) wisely

Every place has a different mood about it, which serves different purposes.

While an office is a formal, professional set-up, a night club is just the opposite- loud, chaotic, high energy and social.

So if you want to make things intimate, your “kiss location” must make it easy for, well…

things to get intimate. (:

The general mood and evironment of the place must make sense for you to be alone together, get close to each other, hold hands, and eventually kiss.

If you’re somewhere that’s got a lot of attention on you, probably a good idea to shift venues to somewhere that’s more dim, quiet and intimate (thank me later).

Here’s a tiny list of “unacceptable” places to avoid and “acceptable” places where it’s more likely that you’ll get in that perfect kiss.

  • Acceptable Places:
  • Night clubs
  • Movie theatres
  • Your house (or her house)
  • Parking lots
  • Any place where this is a certain level of privacy / anonymity

Unacceptable Places:

  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • On college campus, in broad daylight
  • In the library
  • (Any place where there is lack of privacy)

Okay great!

Now that we’ve laid the foundation to avoid any possible red flags that could turn you girl off, let’s get into the actual how-to’s of kissing her.

We’ll split this section into 2 parts as well.

1. Detecting signs that she wants to kiss you

2. The technique of kissing her in a smooth, confident, and attractive way

But Kyle, how do I deal with my fear of going for the kiss?

As a dating coach with over 8 years of experience in seduction, I want you to acknowledge the fact that some amount of fear and anxiety is bound to show up when things are starting to get intimate.

I also want you to understand that the anxiety you feel is only a natural by-product of the uncertainty and anticipation that comes with the rising tension as discussed earlier.

Sure, it could feel overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time trying to kiss a girl…

But the best way to deal with it is to acknowledge and accept it instead of resisting it.

Because women feel nervous too, and your ability to stay grounded in the midst of nervousness and take action anyway is a masculine trait that’s incredibly sexy to them!

Doing so will only increase her attraction for you at that moment, making her want to kiss you even more!

What’s unattractive to them though, is when you shy away from following your male instincts because you felt too anxious to make a move. :/

See how this works?

So if the anxiety comes up…

Know that it’s only natural, accept it, and lock lips with her anyway!

1. Detecting signs that she wants to kiss you

While women will never explicitly state that they want to kiss you, they do so by dropping subtle hints hoping you’ll pick up on them.

Most guys miss them all the time, which means having these in the back of your mind will give you the edge over your competition.

Here are a few female behavioral cues to watch out for so you know when it’s time:

a. You notice her moving close to you

She progressively moves closer and closer inside your personal space in a way that her face is in very close proximity to yours. What else could her participation in the escalation mean?

b. She maintains eye contact with you

People find it very hard to look away from things or people they like. So you notice her looking at your face, particularly your lips for a little longer than usual- she’s likely asking for a kiss.

c. She bites her lips while talking to you

This is a scientifically proven phenomenon where women unconsciously tend to draw your attention to their lips, without even thinking about it! While some women may bite their lips, others may touch or lick theirs.

d. She’s flirting back with you

As we discussed earlier, flirtation serves as a build-up to the kiss. And if she’s trying to flirt and get that sexual tension going, it likely means she’s hoping the interaction culminates in a kiss.

e. She lingers around after the date

If you catch her lingering around after saying goodbye, translate it as her trying to present you with a window of opportunity to plant a french kiss on her mouth (trust me, if she didn’t want it, she’d jet out of there at a moment’s notice!)

f. She gives you the submissive look of desire

Submissive puppy eyes, holding the gaze and looking at you hoping that you’ll lean in for a kiss.

g. She reciprocates your touch. Better yet, she goes out of her way to touch you.

Touch, from an evolutionary perspective, has always been our primal way of saying “Hey, I like you and I feel comfortable around you”. So if she lets her guard down and is responding positively to your touch, that’s awesome. And if she’s the first one to initiate the physicality, that’s even better!

h. She touches upon sexual topics or playfully talks about you two kissing

Bringing up topics that are sexual or involve kissing are her subtle ways of telling you to pick up on her cues and act on them, asap!

i. She’s playing with her hair

Just like biting their lips, playing with their hair is a woman’s primal way of displaying their interest in you as a potential lover. So how about dropping a quick peck and living up to it?

2. How to Kiss Her- The Kissing Technique

First things first, I want you to understand that kissing a girl smoothly is an art.

So instead of trying to logically understand it and calling it a day (this is why you’re awkward while doing it)…

I want you to apply the guidelines I’m about to share with you- in real life, with real women.

This will make you start developing a feel for it, ingrain it deep into your instincts, and eventually do it without thinking, like a reflex.

Alright then, here we go.

The reason most guys fail is that they either don’t kiss the girl out of their fear, or they suddenly lunge at her in a way that they want to get it over with.

This is a clear sign of your inability to handle the tension between you and her, something that is a big turn-off to women.

Instead, you want to move in slow. This not only adds an element of anticipation and build-up…

but gives the kiss the kind of intensity that she craves, having her see you as an amazing kisser.

You’ll also be shocked at how pleasurable your kiss can be, just by adding some tension and suspense to it!

To get a visual understanding of how we do this, click the play button on the video below, and I’ll give you a quick step-by-step demo that includes all the subtleties and dynamics at play.

Ooookkaay then!

You should now have a clear understanding of how to kiss a girl in a smooth and attractive way…

In a way, we make it the best first date of her life!

Now that you’ve laid the foundation for being an amazing kisser, I want you to know that this is only the tip of the iceberg; that is my brand new mento

Hopefully, you learned a lot; despite how value-packed this is only the tip of the iceberg of what I teach you in my brand new cutting-edge program, The Magnetic Vibe Blueprint.

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